Swapping tokens on Swarm is super easy! We'll guide you through the process below.

Setting up your proxy contract.

Before you make your first transaction on the Swarm platform, you will receive this notification:

Swarm uses proxy contracts to save you gas fees when transacting. Creating your proxy address adds a little gas to your first transaction but results in lower fees and a better user experience over time. You will have to sign off on activating your proxy contract on any new eth contract you might connect to Swarm and want to enact a transaction from. Learn more

After you sign off on the proxy contract set up, you will be taken back to the Swaps page. First, choose which token you would like to swap from. In the below example, we've chosen to swap from DAI .

Next, choose which token you want to swap to. Click on the "Select Token" button. You will see a pop-up like this appear:

For the following example, we'll be swapping from a token we've never swapped from before on Swarm (DAI). This will prompt you to approve Swarm handling of the specific token, which looks like this:

Clicking 'Approve DAI' then prompts you to send a transaction on the blockchain. You only need to do this once per asset for it to work across all our UIs, as it goes through our smart contracts. After the transaction has gone through, you can click on Swap. Then all you have to do is confirm the transaction and off it goes!

There you go! You have now done your first swap on Swarm, which will be executed on the Ethereum blockchain as soon as the network accepts the transaction. This is dependent on the gas fee you have chosen to pay.

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