We live in times where technology enables individuals to come together in swarms to express collective behavior which is self-organized, decentralized, networked and adaptive. With Swarm we aim to support these swarms in their expression of collective financial behavior.

Our mission is to enable customers to conduct transactions with blockchain-based tokens representing all asset classes easily, cost-effectively and securely, in a regulatory-safe environment, while preserving the core benefits of DeFi: self-custody, on-chain transparency, and networked liquidity.

While the initial functionality is founded on battle-proven protocol essential to the explosion of DeFi, the core innovation of Swarm Markets lies in the combination of on-chain compliance layers paired with our regulatory licenses. This universally applicable concept enables users to engage in compliant trading, participation in regulated liquidity pools, and access financial products and assets that are entirely new to DeFi.

By introducing these new tools, integrations and asset onramps, we believe we can contribute to a growth of the DeFi ecosystem by 10-100x.

Imagine a single market with assets from the traditional finance world paired with the power of DeFi applications. Trading crypto assets (BTC/ETH/DAI) with asset tokens (gold, real estate or other real world assets) and with tokenized stocks and more... For the first time ever, you can trade a market like gold/BTC in a unified market infrastructure.

Different from conventional practice in the industry, we operate a licensed* for-profit entity, which also permits new types of business integrations, institutional engagement and more.

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