We live in times where technology enables individuals to come together in swarms to express collective behavior which is self-organized, decentralized, networked and adaptive. With Swarm we aim to support these swarms in their expression of collective financial behavior.

Our mission is to enable customers to conduct transactions with blockchain-based tokens representing all asset classes easily, cost-effectively and securely, in a regulatory-safe environment, while preserving the core benefits of DeFi: peer-to-peer, self-custody, on-chain transparency, and networked liquidity.

By introducing these new tools, integrations and asset onramps, we believe we can contribute to a growth of the DeFi ecosystem by 10-100x.

Imagine a single market with assets from the traditional finance world paired with the power of DeFi applications. Trading crypto assets (BTC/ETH/DAI) with asset tokens (gold, real estate or other real world assets) and with tokenized stocks and more... For the first time ever, you can trade a market like gold/BTC in a unified market infrastructure.

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